Recently updated my website theme to be more visual as the default WordPress theme while very functional is rather popular as everyone seems to be using it. Quite pleased with the result though as its visually much more appealing I think and the dynamic banner is rather sweet.

Still have a few things to sort out, such as updating my curriculum vitae or cleaning up all my historical posts to work with this new theme but things have been rather busy lately. It does not help that Deus Ex: Human Revolution got released and demands my attention, nor does it help that Minecraft 1.8 is due to be released in a few days to further demand more of my attention.

Main priority over the next few days is to finish off the Volition Cult’s public newsletter as that is due for release at the start of September, although that depends on how long its going to take for me to type up all the content I want to be added. Need to make a good first impression with it too.

As for the new website, feedback welcome.