I have decided to stop being tight and spend some money on my place in Bath rather than just using it entirely for gaming or technology. As a result, I managed to pick up a cheap print on canvas from some really iffy place in Kingswood that was run down and had people that would mug you if it were dark.

After that, the next few I got from the much safer Amazon website from a company called DagaCanvas. Pictures below…

The first was £9.99 for all three sections, which I picked up during my time in the dangerous Kingswood. It actually fits the room quite nicely though although the theme is random.

The next two were from Amazon and cost £12 to £30 but they were themes that I have a direct interest in so worth while.

Next on my list of home improvements is a vacuum cleaner and new office chair I guess, although I also need some new kitchen things too. New technology will have to wait.