Its 10 days late, but I am proud to have finished The Volition Cult

[VOLT] alliances first new public newsletter with all of our Eve Online related content and propaganda. Its not ridiculously long either, at a mere eight pages.

As usual, thanks to Luth Curmal for content, our unnamed fleet commanders for battlereports, unnamed players who took videos and screenshots of those battles and Gareth Barkwell for proof reading.

Newsletter can be downloaded in PDF format from the below link.

Link to Voice of VOLT 19 (1.9 MB)

Content Includes:

  • Editorial Message and Introduction.
  • Battle Reports for second half of August.
  • Corp Introductions from MAX H, TRGSS, VC and GV.
  • More Battle Reports for second half of August.
  • Details of how Usurper. [STOLN] alliance suck at PvP and fail consistently.
  • Even more Battle Reports for second half of August.
  • Details about a really stupid Executive Outcomes pilot called Anat Tenner.
  • Insight into our reformation.

Feedback welcome. Contributors for next quarter welcome.

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