A few months ago I had made a blog post here that talked about how I nearly got an Outpost named after me and a Nyx Supercarrier in Eve Online only for both to fall through and not happen.

All of that however is out of date and old news because as of today its now safe to say that both of those things have been achieved! Stone’s Wishing Well exists and anyone can fly to Y-MPWL and see it. While the Nyx also now exists albeit on a character and location that will remain undisclosed.

Flagship of Volition

Lets start with the Supercarrier, basically it was purchased finally. It looks very shiny and I called it Flagship of Volition. Not sure I will use it any time soon but that’s not really the point of it for me, it was more the challenge of acquiring one. I use other characters more often.

As for the Outpost… That was much more work and required contribution from hundreds of people in the alliance. As of writing we actually have three outposts now. Thankfully we are lucky enough to have some very experienced pilots to cover the various aspects of the task. The work required is insane so its certainly an accomplishment.

We had our military arm of hundreds of people spending hours each day for a week over Christmas attacking and destroying all of the enemy infrastructure. Meanwhile our industrial arm was busy deploying and managing our own infrastructure. The whole process is horrifically convoluted, but fun.

As this is part of the alliances history now, I recorded the above pretty crappy video with no real content just as a means to save what we had achieved really.