Been a while since I last posted anything here but I have been pretty busy. During a recent discussion on Teamspeak, we had joked about how times were tough because we had too many computer games to play and that pretty much sums up my biggest problem these days.

For the past few months I have been spending quite a lot of time with Eve Online again and its not like I don’t have enough time for gaming. I must spend about 50 hours a week playing games, its just that there is simple too many games and Eve Online being quite time demanding.

Updates from Eve Online

Lots of things have been happening in Eve to keep me busy. We have seen a couple of new corporations join The Volition Cult alliance and a corporation leave us. We also did some much needed reshuffling and reorganisation to improve communication and get our goals aligned.

PBA lunax was the CEO of Volition Cult at the time but needed a break so resigned. I stepped up in the interim which is why a couple of weeks ago I became CEO. PBA lunax came back from his break pretty quickly but he is just working on recruitment and PvP for now.

Things are calming down and looking pretty positive these days. Work is delegated out nicely so there is not too much for me to worry about as we have a great team of people covering everything. Biggest challenge is probably going to be getting used to stability and ensuring growth continues, but that just takes time.

Updates from Gaming

The list of unplayed games in Steam continues to grow larger, but I am actively working through the backlog of games.

Nearly finished LA Noire which is pretty cool, more of a story driven game. Much longer than I initially expected as the game seems to keep continuing with plot twists and such. The game play is different and sometimes frustrating but it has a nice “skip” feature if you fail something three times in a row.

Mass Effect 3 was not too bad either. Not much closure on the ending of the trilogy, but still good. Not sure why there were so many red telephone boxes in London though. Have I mentioned before how much EA and Origin annoy me?

Guild Wars 2 public beta starts this weekend though, so I am really looking forward to that. Only a few days to go until I can finally have a go and try it out. Have to install a new SSD, reinstall Windows and get it all setup for Friday though.

Updates from Real Life

Still testing out my new Axbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. So far things are going fine and it appears to work well as I do feel better in the mornings and its nice to have a proper alarm clock rather than just a mobile phone, but its still too early for me to feel happy about the purchase.