Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a new project. Its a public social network for gamers, which offers news, forums and chat as well as the things you would come to expect from a social network such as public and private messaging, friend management and of course a “like” button.

I also brought a rather nifty domain name for it… Simply volt.vc is the address. As VOLT and VC being common tickers used for Volition Cult in games the domain is suitable, short and easy to remember. In fact if you throw volt.vc into Twitter, the shortened url is actually longer than the original url.

With the domain cost, chat licence fees and game server costs if I setup a Minecraft server again it might turn out to be quite expensive. Depends how many people take advantage and use it. If many do, it becomes worthwhile and rewarding. If not many do, I can pull back costs so its cheap to operate.

There is the need to get to a critical mass in terms of active members for the project to work and the website to be active and worthwhile, getting to that point so that we can then see stable long term growth will be the biggest challenge, as with any new website. I am investigating various marketing ideas, but if I can get groups of friends to take advantage of the platform it should be fine.