Confuzer was visiting Bath so Doc drove him to Avebury and Stonehenge to see some old rocks. I tagged along and took a few photos below. As it was timed poorly or well depending on perspective, we arrived just in time to Stonehenge with five minutes to spare before they closed so I managed to get a nice photo during the Sunset. Only took a couple of photos myself.

We also went to Komedia where Luth joined us too. However we were told on arrival our very cheap tickets had been upgraded randomly so we did not have to sit at the top back, however as we got shown where to go we ended up right at the front. It was a trap! Perhaps on purpose because they noticed we had a Dutch guy with us? So be warned if they try that what you might be getting yourself into. One of the comedians implied I was gay for a joke, but I got off lightly compared to others.