Finally ordered myself a telescope. In the end I went for a Celestron NexStar 6SE which was a little more than I had planned initially planned to spend but it was a good choice. Its actually much more sturdy and well built than I had expected.

Worked out most of the features and how everything connects, still have to get to grips with the remote control but I have to head to Lansdown when its a clear evening for that so I can test the alignment. Its important to make sure its level and aligned properly for it to work right, but I will figure that out later when its clear.


Loads of accessories have also arrived for it, including various eyepieces, power pack, filters, focuser, dew shield, camera adapters and a rather large backpack to carry it all. The telescope in the end, consumes pretty much all of the space so I had to get the additional side pockets for the backpack to hold everything else. The bag is a Tamrac Expedition 9x which was the largest SLR backpack I could find.


Once everything is bagged up, its not too bad to carry. After an hour up walking up hill, I might change my mind but we shall see.