As the high ups in our council have decided that Victoria Park should become pay and display from possibly mid 2013 onwards, I found that as I don’t drive and live in the Central Zone I am not eligible for visitor parking permit so friends and family now have no where to park (cheaply) when they want to visit me.

To find a solution to this I have consolidated all of the Bath Parking Zone information from that B&NES website and entered it onto a single Google Map so I can more easily identify the closest free street parking.

EDIT: 19/08/2016 – Links to map removed as its no longer up to date and some people were getting fined as relying on the map and not reading local signage. Sorry, I don’t live in Bath any more so can not maintain this.
EDIT: 20/07/2016 – It has been reported that some markers are no longer free. Please double check parking restrictions in person before parking. I no longer live in Bath so am unable to verify them anymore and the council have changed some since this was published.
EDIT: 12/09/2015 – Updated colour of markers to be more clear.

Green Markers: No Restriction Free Parking
Yellow Markers: 4 Hour Limit Free Parking
Red Markers: 1-2 Hour Limit Free Parking


I have not verified on foot this map yet and the councils parking changes effect various areas so it might be in need of a few corrections. Data is taken from the B&NES website here, with each zone map on the left side bar. However the maps appear visually old so I am not confident its up to date. It also skips Zone 13. I don’t know if Zone 13 exists or not.

Corrections: If anyone sees an error on the map, let me know in the comments below and I can update it.

Link to Google Map: Link removed as map no longer up to date.

I did wonder if it was wise to publish this information because with all the people who used to park in Victoria Park being displaced, some will use free street parking further out which is both unfair and will annoy local residents in those streets. In those cases, fault lies with the council for not providing suitable and affordable alternatives.

The stupid situation is that while I can get a resident parking permit and park my car (if I had one) in the centre every day, I am not allowed to pass on that right and instead get visitor parking permit where a car would only be parked in the centre a few times a year.

Its also unfair that if I lived a mere 100 metres up the road, I would be in Zone 7 and thus be allowed to get a visitor permit. I am on the edge of Central Zone, which is frustrating.

I called the councils parking department to find a solution:

  • They suggested the Park and Ride, but with family and friends visiting for a few days and often leaving in the late evening. Its not viable as the Park and Ride is not 24 hour and Bath does not have 24 hour bus services.
  • They suggested Charlotte Street Car Park. But at £8.50 for 11 hours, that would become very expensive if someone wanted to visit for a weekend.
  • I asked if I could get a visitor parking permit for zones outside of Central Zone. I live in Brunswick Place so am at the northern edge of the Central Zone, so a Zone 7 visitor permit would be fine, but they don’t allow for such.
  • I asked if I could give my residents permit to friends or family and just change the registration number online as needed. They said that would work, but I probably should not do it as I am meant to be the owner.
  • I asked if I could get a visitor parking permit that would work for B&NES car parks such as Charlotte Street car park, but they don’t support such. (This is a shame as I think for Central Zone residents it would be a good idea.)
  • I asked if they had a list of free alternative car parks near where I live or any other recommendations and they said they could not help any further.

So the only other option I had was to collate all of the zones and work out where the closest free street parking was. No doubt others will do similar. In those cases, hopefully my map proves useful.

Unsure yet, but the north side of Victoria Park on Weston Road may still be free to use after the change. It would most likely be full more often though as its already often full during the day.