Another place I went too while on holiday was the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Taking photos was difficult because of the glass and lighting so only a handful came out worthwhile. Keep that in mind as while we took close to 500 photos, only 100 of them were usable. All of the ones with me in are blurry. The issue is with low light, the exposure has to be longer, but without a tripod, keeping a camera steady is not as easy and if animals move quickly they appear blurred. Few photos and links to the full collections below.

It was good to see new things like the Sharks and Turtles in person and on its own its great. However as I recently went to London Zoo, I can’t not think back to that day and comparing it as both places cost about the same to visit. London Zoo is much larger, less crowded and with more to see, so if I could only see one, I would recommend that. Thankfully, I could visit both… But if anyone is visiting London and only has time or money for one or the other… London Zoo is probably better, unless you have a real interest in aquatic stuff.

The full collection of photos are on Google+ (Public) here and on Facebook (Friends) here. Below is a small selection