Final batch of photo’s from my trip to London is from Greenwich. Maria had treated me by taking me to the Visions of the Universe exhibition and Royal Observatory. Before that we stopped off at the Cutty Sark, which was underwhelming compared to the HMS Belfast, but as we brought a single ticket for all three places, it’s pretty good value.

Visions of the Universe was actually very good. Dark large rooms with atmospheric sounds and large images with back lights of various things, from photos of our solar system, the Mars landing, nebula’s, galaxy formation videos, deep space objects, etc. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photo’s so all I have is some fridge magnets that Maria brought me as a souvenir. The fact there was no photography made it a nice atmosphere though as people slowly moved around.

Royal Observatory was also pretty special. They even had a William Herschel telescope on show. It’s also fairly small, so fitting in all three sites was fairly comfortable to do, even with the extra travel time to get to Greenwich. The DLR lines are quite scenic around Canary Wharf too.

The full collection of photos are on Google+ (Public) here and on Facebook (Friends) here. Below is a small selection.