Having successfully got a job in the IT Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London working as a Application Support Analyst I have been living in south east London for a month now. It’s been a very positive experience.

London has been everything and more than I expected. Being able to travel to the city cheaply and conveniently by some frankly amazing public transport and with so much happening all the time it’s been both energizing and exhausting.

Still enjoying travelling around by tube and passing by the various city sites to get to and from work still feels awesome. Being able to travel and visit places after work and at weekends thanks to the better public transport has allowed me to do more things out and keep me busy. Still getting a little excited by the Jubilee Line, DLR or seeing the Shard as I pass London Bridge on the train though.

As for work, it’s pretty amazing to be working for a larger organisation with established procedures and numerous benefits. Walking through the museum to get to the office in the morning is very cool. I need to find time to explore the museum and the list of places to visit and exhibitions to see increases faster than I can see them.

Getting the opportunity to pick up loads of new skills and experiences, which will be excellent for my career. I have been thrown into some interesting projects straight away which is keeping me busy. Before I moved to London, I had some doubts about my decision, but having worked at the museum for a month, I am certain the move was a brilliant one. It’s just been amazing.