I have made a few updates on this website and also on volt.vc which add a couple of extra features as well as updating the wordpress and plugin versions so everything is in good shape. I had neglected this blog for a while so want to spend more time on it now things are settling down.

Ross Stone .netrossstone.net

Updated the website so when I post new blogs, they automatically get cross posted on my Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. The idea is as I have been so busy and lacking spare time in London now, all I have to do is post updates on my blog and the spread about so people still know I am alive without me having to do any extra work.

I have also added a subscription form, which is in the comment system, side bar and below so people (family and friends mostly) can be emailed when I add a new post. Few people had asked for that.


Volition Cult Gaming Communityvolt.vc

News items posted on the front page of the website will now automatically be posted on the Volition Cult Gaming Community Twitter, Google Plus and a new Facebook page with a link pointing back to the article on the volt.vc website.

I didn’t add the email subscription option as BuddyPress covers that to an extend, and the website is more of a portal itself so I am not sure such a feature was needed? If people believe otherwise, let me know and I will tick a box to enable it.

Finally, I have updated my profile picture on various websites as it’s been a while. It was taken by Maria when we were in the Victoria and Albert museum with Nick, Ed and Mary recently. Overlooking one of my favourite galleries.