The last few months have been very busy for me in London. So much so that I have not really had enough time to write much on this website. It’s not a bad thing though, its just there is too much going on and I am always out having fun so I just don’t have time to write. This is just a brief summary of what I have been up to over the past few months…

After six months, I have finally gotten used to living in London with the hours and commuting. It’s actually quite fun to go from train to train and move through the crowded city as it gives me a little buzz from all the activity. Need to keep being productive on my travel though, from listening to Spanish audio lessons to reading books or writing blog posts. I am on a train for quite a few hours a day, so making use of that time to be productive counteracts any feeling of frustration.

Things with Maria have been going great since I moved to London too. Much of my free time is spent out with her or our friends doing things. Knowing her has improved me too. I have a more varied diet now, better fashion sense (still debatable), better social skills, know how to cook better and get out more often to see places I wouldn’t historically see. We are both heading back to Bath/Bristol soon too and after that we have our one year anniversary!

As for work, its been very busy lately. Since starting at the V&A six months ago, most of my time has been spent working on the desktop replacement project where we have to replace just under a thousand computers with new ones. Very proud of the fact that the build of Windows I designed and created will be deployed to every Windows machine in the museum and have a lasting (until the next upgrade) positive effect on everyone.

I have also spent much of my time on preparing business applications for the past six months. Some using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) which I have really taken a liking too as a deployment method. It takes a lot of time to set up (months), but it’s saved us so much time and is probably one of the main contributors to the final step of the project going so smoothly. It delivers an application at login instantly to where ever you decide in the start menu or desktop. It’s basically magic and I love it. It’s just a shame it only works for about 75% of applications. I hope to make a few detailed posts about when I have learned on App-V later as its one of my favourite tools I got to learn a lot about.

One other opportunity I got at work was to help deploy Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) which has also been really interesting. While App-V is magic, SCCM is just ridiculously powerful. We still don’t fully use the tool to its full potential and we probably never will. I would quite like to write up about that too, maybe my work with Citrix or vSphere or DISM imaging… Basically I am getting to use lots of new tools at work and its amazing, challenging and interesting.

Somehow I still manage to find time to fit in some gaming such as Minecraft or various other odd games on Steam as well as keep up to date with various TV Shows I follow. Not going to start Season 4 of Game of Thrones until they are all aired of course. No one tell me spoilers!

Finally, as I mentioned earlier… myself and Maria are coming back to Bath/Bristol this month to celebrate my 30th Birthday! If anyone still does not know what to get me, I maintain a wishlist here.