On the 31st May 2014, Maria had kindly paid for us to go see the view from the Shard.

After queuing for half an hour, the two lifts up both only lasted thirty seconds to cover about thirty floors each. But it’s worth it, we must have spent a couple of hours up there trying to spot landmarks and taking photos.

Unfortunately, while you can see the Shard from where I live in Zone 4 at the moment, I couldn’t see or work out where I lived from the Shards perspective.

To finish off the day, we then went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Star Trek Into Darkness which was shown on a large projector but with an Orchestra performing the sound track to the film. It was amazing, the best performance I have ever seen. I just wish more films were shown like this, as the idea of going to the cinema now sounds dull.

Below is a small selection of photos.