Having waited over a year on a waiting list to get my Pebble watch, I have been using it every day for a year now and have learned several things and had a pretty good experience with it, even with the screen corruption I will mention in detail later.


As you need to have Bluetooth active on your Phone, it does mean that the phone won’t last as long as usual but the effect is negligible and not something I ever noticed. In fact, as I read notifications on my watch instead of my phone, the battery life of my phone may have improved as I had used the very power hungry screen of the phone less.

Having a Pebble probably saves battery as the losses of having Bluetooth are made up by the gains of using the screen less.

As for the battery of the watch itself, it does not last the advertised seven days when you get loads of notifications on it regularly but it does last four to five days with my heavy use and with the 20% and 10% warning, I have never had it run out before I got home.


IMG_20130830_133913While it was cool to get London tube status updates or train departure times on my watch, as time went on I simple went back to using my phone apps instead as I often needed to browse or explore the information in more detail. (As discussed in my London travel post.)

I did use a music app for a while called Music Boss as I wanted volume control on my watch, but Nick recently informed me if I hold the middle button down on the default app, the next and previous buttons change to volume, so at present I have no need for additional apps.

Image Corruption

IMG_20131217_142950Over the past 9 months, every month or so the Pebble screen would start showing artifacts and you wouldn’t be able to read anything. Each time performing a factory reset would stop the screen issues, albeit for a month or two. Now the issue won’t resolve itself after a factory reset.

I emailed Pebble explaining this and requested… “Please could you arrange a repair or replacement under warranty. My Pebble was shipped on the 13/08/2013 and was delivered on the 28/08/2013, so its still within 1 Year Warranty. It’s also within the 2 Year EU Warranty.”

Pebble to there credit asked a few questions about the model, requested some photos and very quickly sent me a brand new which arrived recently and is working perfectly.

If I lived outside the EU, they may not have replaced it as they only offer a 1 Year Warranty normally. It also appears that the screen artifact issue is common as of myself and three friends who brought a Pebble between 18 and 6 months ago, three of us have the problem. But it would appear once you get a non-faulty one, they last.


I have started taking the watch for granted. Its become part of me… if I leave the house without my watch, I will head back to grab it just as I would my phone as its now an integral part of things I have to remember along side my eye glasses, oyster card and house keys.

Another thing I have done since the very beginning was keeping my phone on silent and relying solely on the watch for notifications or new messages or calls. Since getting the Pebble, I now rarely miss calls unless I have too and much less than when I relied on the phones ringing which I would often miss.

It started because of work, and putting the phone into silent mode when you enter the office but it very quickly became more discrete and polite to keep it on silent indefinitely. When I am socialising or talking to people face to face, the phone no longer beeps or rings loudly interrupting the conversation and I no longer feel such a big need pull my phone out and become antisocial with the people in front of me as a quick casual glance to my watch can verify its not an urgent text and that I can reply later. (I was always pretty good with not being antisocial anyway.)

It’s become an extension to how I use my phone and how I communicate. I wouldn’t want to go back to how things were before I had it.