I have spent some time to restructure the website. One of the key things I have realised based on what pages are most in demand and what I am trying to most portray is that the old layout did not tally with my objectives.

It was actually quite interesting to learn that the most visited pages on my site were either some very specific informative like posts, such as the Bath parking map, technical guides and my CV. All of which were not promoted by me in how the site was laid out.

So now my CV has been changed into a visually more appealing for the web front page and is now the first page on the site. The blog gets moved to a menu as I don’t update it often enough and the informative posts become a new portfolio set of pages, so my constructive posts are easy to browse and search separately to my rambling blog posts.

I still need to figure out how to best direct visitors that land on those informative posts back to my front page with my profile, but a widget or about the author page may be enough.