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9 09, 2017

Startrails in La Coruna from July 2017

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Taken with 144 stacked photos over 20 minutes with a Canon EOS 1100D, f/4.5, 8sec exposure, ISO 800, 50mm lens. Using StarStaX to stack them in this single image.  

29 03, 2016

Useful Settings for Asus RT-AC87U

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Unfortunately the Asus documentation for the Asus RT-AC87U router is a little light for some things. It’s an amazing router though, so below are some of the things I had to figure out over the last months that I thought might be good to share. […]

11 02, 2016

Handling Skype for Business Telephone Number Allocation

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With the recent implementation of on premise Skype for Business as the new telephone system at the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the challenges that we faced was keeping track of direct dials and extensions and managing how they are issued. This challenge is likely present in many telephone systems, whether they be on [...]

8 02, 2016

Restructuring Website Content

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I have spent some time to restructure the website. One of the key things I have realised based on what pages are most in demand and what I am trying to most portray is that the old layout did not tally with my objectives. It was actually quite interesting to learn that the most visited [...]

28 01, 2015

Failure during demotion of domain controller

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Scenario: During the demotion of a domain controller, when we run dcpromo to start the process we quickly encountered an error “The directory service is missing mandatory configuration information, and is unable to determine the ownership of floating single-master operation roles.” which interrupts the demotion process. […]

9 09, 2014

Pebble watch after one year

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Having waited over a year on a waiting list to get my Pebble watch, I have been using it every day for a year now and have learned several things and had a pretty good experience with it, even with the screen corruption I will mention in detail later. [...]

18 07, 2014

Lightning over South East London

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Ed suggested I grab my tripod and camera this evening and use his 50mm lens (mine is missing at present) and record a video to try and capture some of the lighting we could see from his top floor flat in South East London. We got lucky and in one of the many videos I [...]

31 05, 2014

View from the Shard

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On the 31st May 2014, Maria had kindly paid for us to go see the view from the Shard. After queuing for half an hour, the two lifts up both only lasted thirty seconds to cover about thirty floors each. But it’s worth it, we must have spent a couple of hours up there trying to [...]

25 05, 2014

Trip to Brighton

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Nick drove us to Brighton to see the sights and explore the city. When not getting ripped off by the car parking and lack of free cash machines, it's actually quite nice. I was even allowed to wear my five fingers! We mostly walked along the beach and the pier and enjoyed the hot weather. [...]