10 05, 2013

Two-factor authentication issue

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This morning I started setting up two-factor authentication for my Microsoft account. They support the Google authenticator application on Android however I stumbled on a major design flaw. If you have registered with Microsoft with a Google Account email address when you scan the QR code the default name of the code is your email address which [...]

11 05, 2012

Volition Cult Gaming Community

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Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a new project. Its a public social network for gamers, which offers news, forums and chat as well as the things you would come to expect from a social network such as public and private messaging, friend management and of course a “like” button. I [...]

12 03, 2012

Guild Wars 2 design manifesto

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I'm getting excited about Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet posted a new video about there design manifesto along with a blog post available here which talks about how they have been designing there game which is pretty positive. It's this sort of thing that makes me look forward to the game but the main thing I like from [...]

6 02, 2012

Abandoning BT’s confusing service

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British Telecom are one of the company’s that have always annoyed me, but I have had to pay them for a basic landline package since 2007 because I needed it for ADSL Internet. Over the years they have slowly increased there prices and offered me things I don’t need. It seem’s they screwed me over too… Thankfully [...]

11 11, 2011

Skyrim video settings

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Picked up Skyrim on Steam yesterday evening and while starting the game it ran a check on my system to decide what video settings to have and the result was “High Quality” which I thought was good. This was until I remembered Dave on TeamSpeak saying that there result was Ultra High Quality. So I decided to [...]

9 09, 2011

Voice of VOLT 19

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Its 10 days late, but I am proud to have finished The Volition Cult [VOLT] alliances first new public newsletter with all of our Eve Online related content and propaganda. Its not ridiculously long either, at a mere eight pages. As usual, thanks to Luth Curmal for content, our unnamed fleet commanders for battlereports, [...]