19 06, 2010

Enjoying the big tournament

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Almost everyone I know is watching the tournament this weekend, and I have to admit while I don’t pay too much attention when it comes around… This time is certainly organised and done really well. The way its streamed over the internet in various qualities at no extra cost to the viewers, from high definition to lower [...]

4 03, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII & Real Life Work both Completed!

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As some will know, I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series ever since I experianced my first Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy VII on the original playstation many years ago. So when the next game in the series was released I was excited. On an related note, I even have my own [...]

11 02, 2010

Something old and something new

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Many years ago I used to have a Playstation, with X-Com: Terror from the Deep, and while it was the most ridiculously hard game I had played and took an age to load on the PSX, it was certainly fun. Always loved the music and atmosphere of the battles. Steam in there wisdom published the [...]

29 01, 2010

The cake is a lie

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Having worked hard, created a brilliantly designed infrastructure for the company, patched thousands of security holes, working until the early hours of mornings. Its now the end of January 2010 when I see it paying off. *crunches the numbers* Hmm. It seems the myth of “working hard pays off” is a lie. […]

9 10, 2009

Volition Cult 3 Year Anniversary Meetup

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People may wonder why have I been busy for the past two months? Over three years ago, in the virtual world of Eve Online, a few players decided to get together and form The Volition Cult (VOLT) Alliance in game, and choose to fly together for common goals within the game. Back then, it started out [...]

27 09, 2009

Preparations for the UK Meet

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For over a month, I have been busy with preparations for a large meeting in the UK to celebrate the third year anniversary of an online community I am part of. As a result, I have been a little distracted as I spend my time double checking plans, and coordinating with everyone to make sure [...]

1 09, 2009

Sixth VOLT Newsletter Published

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I have just finished the sixth Volition Cult newsletter for the period September 2009. While there are probably many spelling and grammar errors that I may have to fix as people spot them, I have just uploaded the PDF file. The original announcement was made on this website, but as I have put a fair amount of [...]