9 09, 2017

Startrails in La Coruna from July 2017

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Taken with 144 stacked photos over 20 minutes with a Canon EOS 1100D, f/4.5, 8sec exposure, ISO 800, 50mm lens. Using StarStaX to stack them in this single image.  

31 05, 2014

View from the Shard

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On the 31st May 2014,¬†Maria had kindly paid for us to go see the view from the Shard. After queuing for half an hour, the two lifts up both only lasted thirty seconds to cover about thirty floors each. But it’s worth it, we must have spent a couple of hours up there trying to [...]

25 05, 2014

Trip to Brighton

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Nick drove us to Brighton to see the sights and explore the city. When not getting ripped off by the car parking and lack of free cash machines, it's actually quite nice. I was even allowed to wear my five fingers! We mostly walked along the beach and the pier and enjoyed the hot weather. [...]

23 04, 2014

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Finally went to the¬†Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew this Easter weekend with Maria and her parents. Had wanted to go since last year, so it’s good to finally see what it’s like and how large it is first hand. Below are a few photos. I should bring my Mum here some time as she would probably [...]

5 01, 2014

Travel in London

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Having commuted and travelled around London for over a month now I have come to the conclusion that not having a smartphone puts you at such a disadvantage in terms of knowing how to get around that it could almost be considered de facto that you need a smartphone to live in London. […]

8 12, 2013

Nick, Mary and Ed visiting South Kensington

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Early in December, Nick finally got on the Metropolitan line and came to central London to see the museums near where I work and to go to the markets in the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. […]

31 08, 2013

International Space Station

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While I was in London a while back, the International Space Station was making a few passes overhead for a few nights when it was clear. Looking out of an upstairs window in West London towards the west, for the first time I got to see the ISS with my naked eye as it moved [...]

9 08, 2013

Greenwich, London

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Final batch of photo’s from my trip to London is from Greenwich. Maria had treated me by taking me to the Visions of the Universe exhibition and Royal Observatory. Before that we stopped off at the Cutty Sark, which was underwhelming compared to the HMS Belfast, but as we brought a single ticket for all [...]