Project Description

IMG_20160211_184254 Packt Publishing approached me to be a technical reviewer for a book titled PowerShell for Active Directory. Over the course of three months, I proceeded to check every exercise and line of PowerShell in a virtual environment I built to test the accuracy and pick up any mistakes, typos or areas where the authors work did not make sense or portray a concept well enough for me to follow.

The book in question is actually quite good and I learned enough to get me hooked and start me down the path of leveraging PowerShell much more since.

IMG_20160211_184357Working in this fashion with book deadlines is actually very demanding on my personnel time. For the short term, I don’t feel I could do it again although it was a positive experience. I was clearly good as it too as Packt followed up later with further opportunities to review and even write so hopefully they saw my passion.

Perhaps in the future when I have more time, I will look to get back into this kind of thing and maybe look to write something, but not now.