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14 05, 2014

Nexus 5 battery life tips

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Treated myself to a Nexus 5 which I am really enjoying. However one thing that I did have issues with initially was the battery life though. With 4G and some of the default settings on the phone, I managed to empty my fully charged phone within 8 hours. Having done lots of research, changed a [...]

5 01, 2014

Travel in London

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Having commuted and travelled around London for over a month now I have come to the conclusion that not having a smartphone puts you at such a disadvantage in terms of knowing how to get around that it could almost be considered de facto that you need a smartphone to live in London. […]

29 01, 2013

TapChat on Raspberry Pi

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One of the things I have been working on lately is trying to get TapChat to work on Raspberry Pi so I can use my Raspberry Pi as a IRC bouncer for my Galaxy Nexus. The idea is I can then leave the low power Raspberry Pi turned on somewhere keeping me connected to #volt [...]

30 04, 2011

Back in the UK

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Now on a train back to Bath... To those who have emailed me, I have around 100 unread emails so will take time to work through. I also have tons of gaming and TV series to catch up on too. Someone mentioned the new Doctor Who started? Portal 2 demands some attention too. Posted from [...]

7 08, 2010

Thoughts on my Nexus One

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So I have had my Nexus One for a few months now and I have to admit… I am even more impressed with Android now. Migrating from one Android phone to another was brilliant… Turn off old T-Mobile G1 Handset Turn on new Nexus One Handset Provide Google Account details That’s it, all my contacts are [...]

26 06, 2010

Desire vs Nexus One

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As my T-Mobile G1 (Dream) contract finally comes to an end at the end of this month, I have to decide what handset I should upgrade to. There are two main smartphones that I am interested in, the HTC Desire and the Google Nexus One. Choosing is tough. From a technical standpoint, the Desire and [...]

18 06, 2010

Migration to WordPress

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Having finally decided to stop being lazy with my website, I took Rhin’s advise and went over to the WordPress website to have a look at what there CMS offers in the hope it might make blogging more enjoyable for me again. Even for the non-technical people who don’t have there own servers, I can see why [...]

1 02, 2009

Ross Tracker

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As my O2 Contract ended recently, I decided to end there £35 a month contract, and pick up a £20 a month contract from T-Mobile along with the new G1 Handset. Also known as the Google Phone, as its the first handset to have the Google Android operating system on it. Very impressed with Android, [...]