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10 04, 2013

Map of free parking in Bath (Discontinued)

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As the high ups in our council have decided that Victoria Park should become pay and display from possibly mid 2013 onwards, I found that as I don’t drive and live in the Central Zone I am not eligible for visitor parking permit so friends and family now have no where to park (cheaply) when they [...]

18 01, 2013

Scouting Lansdown

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Its been snowing lately which means no clear skies, but before that I took a 45 minute walk up to Lansdown Playing fields to see what the skies were like there compared to the city centre. It was worth it. There are some street lights near the park and ride unfortunately but if you keep going it [...]

9 09, 2011

Some cheap art prints

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I have decided to stop being tight and spend some money on my place in Bath rather than just using it entirely for gaming or technology. As a result, I managed to pick up a cheap print on canvas from some really iffy place in Kingswood that was run down and had people that would [...]

17 06, 2011

Latest YouTube videos

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Over the past few weeks I have slowly been getting back into video editing as I just reinstalled Adobe Premier on to my computer and cleared the hard drive to make room for more source video files. Below are details of a couple of videos posted on YouTube. […]

30 04, 2011

Back in the UK

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Now on a train back to Bath... To those who have emailed me, I have around 100 unread emails so will take time to work through. I also have tons of gaming and TV series to catch up on too. Someone mentioned the new Doctor Who started? Portal 2 demands some attention too. Posted from [...]

29 06, 2010

Keeping cool

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Its been annoyingly hot lately at work. Our office lacks air conditioning so its been a nightmare, and even my poor servers are starting to feel the strain. Had to shut one Aeon on Monday morning to give it a well deserved break. Nyx and Hel picked up the slack to let it cool down [...]