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25 05, 2011

Since getting back

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Loads has been happening over the past few weeks that has kept me pretty busy and its only when some recruitment agency contacted me after looking at my Curriculum Vitae on my website that I realised I should probably post a new update as well as actually update my curriculum vitae sometime as my entire site [...]

12 04, 2011

Day ten in Delhi

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Not made a full post for a while as things have really ramped up in terms of the speed at which subjects are covered so I have been having to spend most of my time studying. So far, I have passed two exams, which means I am a Microsoft Certified Professional now, with access to [...]

3 04, 2011

Day one in Delhi

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So far, I have settled in, gotten to know fellow students also staying in this apartment as well as some of the staff and taken a little walk round and figure out what Delhi is like. First up… Delhi contrasts everywhere in buildings, landscapes and people. Its neat but even with the chaos of the [...]