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9 09, 2017

Startrails in La Coruna from July 2017

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Taken with 144 stacked photos over 20 minutes with a Canon EOS 1100D, f/4.5, 8sec exposure, ISO 800, 50mm lens. Using StarStaX to stack them in this single image.  

9 08, 2013

Greenwich, London

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Final batch of photo’s from my trip to London is from Greenwich. Maria had treated me by taking me to the Visions of the Universe exhibition and Royal Observatory. Before that we stopped off at the Cutty Sark, which was underwhelming compared to the HMS Belfast, but as we brought a single ticket for all [...]

2 08, 2013

London Aquarium

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Another place I went too while on holiday was the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Taking photos was difficult because of the glass and lighting so only a handful came out worthwhile. Keep that in mind as while we took close to 500 photos, only 100 of them were usable. All of the ones with me [...]

30 07, 2013

British Museum

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While on holiday in London, I got to visit the British Museum with Maria. Due to time constraints, I don’t think we got to see everything as the place is massive. We worked our way around the best of it and took just under a hundred photos in the process. The full collection of photos [...]

9 07, 2013

London Zoo photos

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Last Saturday I travelled to London to see my girlfriend and visit the London Zoo. We skipped the bug and bird areas, but by the end of the day we had taken around 500 photos. The full collection of photos are on Google+ (Public) here and on Facebook (Friends) here. Below are a few of [...]

30 03, 2013

Full moon photo

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From the parts I have at present, I am able to do a prime focus setup where I can hook the DSLR directly to my NexStar 6SE with just a T Adapter and T Ring for my Canon. The issue is that as its not the eyepiece projection method, I can’t get extra magnification from an eyepiece in the [...]

21 02, 2013

First few DSLR photos

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Having purchased a Canon EOS 1100D and a cheap 50mm f/1.8 lens, I headed out to Lansdown last week when there was some clear sky and started taking some test shots with my camera and working out how to use the thing at night. Most of these are just five second exposures, couple of images [...]