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9 09, 2011

Voice of VOLT 19

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Its 10 days late, but I am proud to have finished The Volition Cult [VOLT] alliances first new public newsletter with all of our Eve Online related content and propaganda. Its not ridiculously long either, at a mere eight pages. As usual, thanks to Luth Curmal for content, our unnamed fleet commanders for battlereports, [...]

8 08, 2011

Leading an internet community

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Having now seen how large alliances run things from both the perspective of the top of the chain of command and the bottom, I wanted to share my thoughts and ask why people in leadership make the same mistakes and lose focus of who they serve? […]

1 08, 2011

Stone’s Wishing Well that wasn’t

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This is the story of how I nearly got a outpost in Eve Online named after me and nearly acquired my own Nyx Supercarrier only to have both things cancelled due to a player called Zagdul. During June we left Mostly Harmless as Volition Cult was fed up of the poor leadership and lack of understand for [...]

12 07, 2011

Liverpool Meetup and Google+

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Last weekend I traveled to Liverpool to meet a load of people from Volition Cult [.VC.] corporation in Eve Online for one of our fairly regular meetup events. Usual stuff happened, but it was very well planned and we got to do loads of socialising as well as having time to see some sites in [...]

17 06, 2011

Latest YouTube videos

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Over the past few weeks I have slowly been getting back into video editing as I just reinstalled Adobe Premier on to my computer and cleared the hard drive to make room for more source video files. Below are details of a couple of videos posted on YouTube. […]

28 02, 2011

Minecraft server projects

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Over the past few months I have been running a Minecraft multiplayer server for various friends, mostly from Eve Online. Recently a load of new players brought the game and joined and after just a few weeks many new projects appeared. Those projects are below along with there annotations. If I have many any errors [...]