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8 01, 2011

Jury service over

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Finished jury service early as they had to many jurors it seems? Arrived on Tuesday to a rather posh building with airport like security and got shown up to the jury waiting area where I signed in and proceeded to wait for things to be explained. After 2 hours of waiting we all got shown [...]

22 11, 2010

Jury service update

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Just a quick update. Her Majesty's Court Service rejected my request to be exempted from the jury duty so I have to do it early in January. However having emailed our chairman, he informed me that the Art Loss Register pays employees there full salary while they are doing jury service. So all of my [...]

9 11, 2010

Jury summons

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So this morning I received a letter from Her Majesty’s Courts Service because my name is on the electorial register. Apparently I have been selected for jury service in January 2011 in Bristol Crown Court which by itself is quite a pain to travel to for someone who dos not drive. However as I read [...]