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6 02, 2012

Abandoning BT’s confusing service

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British Telecom are one of the company’s that have always annoyed me, but I have had to pay them for a basic landline package since 2007 because I needed it for ADSL Internet. Over the years they have slowly increased there prices and offered me things I don’t need. It seem’s they screwed me over too… Thankfully [...]

16 11, 2010

Utilising personal finance software

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As that expensive time of year is fast approaching, I decided to try and better manage my finances. In the past I used to do it with my own designed databases or spreadsheets but it was always time consuming to maintain. This time I got hold of a application called Moneydance that was recommended on the [...]

29 01, 2010

The cake is a lie

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Having worked hard, created a brilliantly designed infrastructure for the company, patched thousands of security holes, working until the early hours of mornings. Its now the end of January 2010 when I see it paying off. *crunches the numbers* Hmm. It seems the myth of “working hard pays off” is a lie. […]

30 11, 2009

Seasonal Tier System Mark 2

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In a similar fashion to last years successful christmas, I had hoped to set a budget on my Christmas spending based on how much excess cash I had availible and then use that divided into different tier’s as a means to budget the cost of christmas. However, due to some ever increasing costs of living, even [...]

13 07, 2009

Beating the Recession with PHP

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As well as a bit of self control, and more awareness of my spending. Actually, I am not too effected by this so called recession either to be honest, I am just spending too much money, so something that allows me to manage my money better, and learn coding more is a good thing. I [...]