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1 05, 2013

Saturn photographed

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Monday evening I trekked up hill to Lansdown carrying my 25kg telescope on my back as there was finally a fairly clear evening. With the extra weight it takes over an hour one way but its doable although my legs and shoulders ached after. In between enjoying the various items in Sky Tour again, I took a [...]

3 04, 2013

First evening out with the telescope

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Weather conditions were not that great on Lansdown yesterday evening. It was a clear evening but the sky was not dark or completely clear. Perhaps a bit misty or foggy. Far too windy. Luth joined me in the evening and waited patiently as I spent a while setting it up. It turned out that even though the [...]

30 03, 2013

Full moon photo

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From the parts I have at present, I am able to do a prime focus setup where I can hook the DSLR directly to my NexStar 6SE with just a T Adapter and T Ring for my Canon. The issue is that as its not the eyepiece projection method, I can’t get extra magnification from an eyepiece in the [...]

29 03, 2013

Telescope arrived

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Finally ordered myself a telescope. In the end I went for a Celestron NexStar 6SE which was a little more than I had planned initially planned to spend but it was a good choice. Its actually much more sturdy and well built than I had expected. Worked out most of the features and how everything connects, still [...]