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19 07, 2009

Bath, Eve, Art, AAT and PHP Updates

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Another busy few days, I managed to find a little more time to continue work on that sketch I was working on, but I quickly got distracted by a awesome find… A very helpful and awesome person called Alex has created a very large resource of video tutorials about PHP. He runs a¬†YouTube page here, [...]

13 07, 2009

Beating the Recession with PHP

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As well as a bit of self control, and more awareness of my spending. Actually, I am not too effected by this so called recession either to be honest, I am just spending too much money, so something that allows me to manage my money better, and learn coding more is a good thing. I [...]

4 05, 2009

Site design updated

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Just updated the website, there are still a number of things left to do, few broken links, and unfinished profiles… But the new site should be much more visually pleasing to the eye. The banners rotate between a selection, currently Bath at Night, and Bath at Day. And it even displays correctly in Internet Explorer! [...]

23 04, 2009

Updates, Changes and Cool Things

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First of all, I stumbled on Google Profiles. Now while I know many say Google stores too much information on what we do already… I am not too fussed myself as the service and software outweigh any privacy concerns for me. Anyway, its basically allows peoples profiles to be displayed at the bottom of google [...]