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9 09, 2017

Startrails in La Coruna from July 2017

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Taken with 144 stacked photos over 20 minutes with a Canon EOS 1100D, f/4.5, 8sec exposure, ISO 800, 50mm lens. Using StarStaX to stack them in this single image.  

5 01, 2014

Travel in London

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Having commuted and travelled around London for over a month now I have come to the conclusion that not having a smartphone puts you at such a disadvantage in terms of knowing how to get around that it could almost be considered de facto that you need a smartphone to live in London. […]

12 07, 2011

Liverpool Meetup and Google+

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Last weekend I traveled to Liverpool to meet a load of people from Volition Cult [.VC.] corporation in Eve Online for one of our fairly regular meetup events. Usual stuff happened, but it was very well planned and we got to do loads of socialising as well as having time to see some sites in [...]

30 04, 2011

Back in the UK

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Now on a train back to Bath... To those who have emailed me, I have around 100 unread emails so will take time to work through. I also have tons of gaming and TV series to catch up on too. Someone mentioned the new Doctor Who started? Portal 2 demands some attention too. Posted from [...]

12 04, 2011

Day ten in Delhi

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Not made a full post for a while as things have really ramped up in terms of the speed at which subjects are covered so I have been having to spend most of my time studying. So far, I have passed two exams, which means I am a Microsoft Certified Professional now, with access to [...]