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6 11, 2010

Losing time to Minecraft

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Over the past few weeks I have been pretty distracted by a new game called Minecraft. Still in development so it has its bugs, but for 10 euros its good value for money considering how much time I have enjoyed it. Within the game you basically have this massive randomly generated world that has no boundary’s and [...]

30 07, 2010

11th Annual SysAdmin Day

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Just a quick note, to mention that today is the 11th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day! Yes, its a real thing with a website here. As a result, I brought an assortment of cakes into the office… Not quite the right way round as they are meant to bring cakes in for me but never mind. In [...]

22 07, 2010

Best part of commuting to London

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Now and again, I have to head out to the London office the Art Loss Register has to do various on site IT related things. Bit of a pain, as I end up spending about five hours of the day travelling. Very different to the 10 minute walk to the Bath Office I am used [...]

29 06, 2010

Keeping cool

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Its been annoyingly hot lately at work. Our office lacks air conditioning so its been a nightmare, and even my poor servers are starting to feel the strain. Had to shut one Aeon on Monday morning to give it a well deserved break. Nyx and Hel picked up the slack to let it cool down [...]

4 03, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII & Real Life Work both Completed!

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As some will know, I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series ever since I experianced my first Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy VII on the original playstation many years ago. So when the next game in the series was released I was excited. On an related note, I even have my own [...]

29 01, 2010

The cake is a lie

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Having worked hard, created a brilliantly designed infrastructure for the company, patched thousands of security holes, working until the early hours of mornings. Its now the end of January 2010 when I see it paying off. *crunches the numbers* Hmm. It seems the myth of “working hard pays off” is a lie. […]